Joeri Trescinski Bass

He started playing the bass when he was 13 years old. Quickly he tasted the pleasure of being on stage, so no time to waste as he followed different schools to try to master the bass in many different ways.

He co-founded Prematory, a Belgian Thrash band: groovy, hard and fast.The band grew at great speed and released some great work. After years of wild adventures, meeting great people and the gift of playing almost weekly, it was time to go for a new challenge.

This was followed by a new project called Noodlot, where he played alongside 6 other musicians from bands like Wolvennest, Musth and Homer, which was a great learning experience.

But that didn't last very long and Joeri decided to take a break from everything.

He went to play and learn music on the streets of Portugal which was a true eyeopener on the power of just jamming together and completely losing yourself in the music.

Now he’s back in full force, fully charged and full of groove, ready to play some Rock ‘n roll with 10 Rogue.