Christophe De Combe (Ex) Drums

Born in Edegem, Belgium, Christophe started his passion for music at the age of nine while listening to old records from his dad’s collection, like Mötley Crüe, Iron Maiden, Guns 'n Roses and the like. From an early age, Christophe took every opportunity to hit drum-like objects with his dad’s old sticks, who was a drummer for an Iron Maiden tribute band in his youth.

At the age of 10,Christophe's passion for percussion grew immensely, and so he received his first drumkit from his parents. Eager to improve his techniques, he started taking drumlessons from Ronny Smeekens who is the drummer of the one of Belgium’s best known metal bands, The Guardian. After almost three years of hard work and continuous lessons,Christophe started his first band.

After taking to playing in his first band, other bands like The Metalian and Orthus followed. It was at this time that he started doing some session work for Wings of The Fallen and Konstruct.

In 2011, he joined combatmetal band, Fireforce, with whom he recorded a full album entitled “Deathbringer”. The album was recorded in Germany and produced by R.D Liapakis (Mystic Prophecy)

In 2014, due to creative differences and career possibilities, Christophe left the band. In 2015, he joined and also plays in another band called Dorians Secret.

In the aftermath of their UK tour last May, Christophe and decided to stop their collaboration and Bruno Goedhuys joined the band.