Bruno Goedhuys (Ex) Drums

Bruno started when he was 5 and since then drumming is as essential as H2O to him. Influences : Gene Krupa, Danny Carey, Ginger Fish, Josh Freeze, John Tempesta, David Silveria, Buddy Rich, Vinnie Paul, Dave Buckner, John Bonham, Gene Hoglan, many more...

Endorsed: Amedia Cymbals, Balbex Drumsticks, Cympad, May Miking System

Drums: DW Collector’s Series - 2004 - Black Velvet Finish Ply

Classical education: Jazz, Rock.
Private scholing: Marnix De Cat, Bruno Meeus, Dom Famularo

Previous Bands:
Sengir - Venae - Beyond The Labyrinth - Doncker - 808 SNKRHDZ

Present bands:
BOX - Lucky Came to Town - Beards and Sideburn - Projekt 80

Unfortunately Bruno had to leave to pursue his life long dream...